Take care of your axe and it will take care of you.

Premium axes are beautiful hand tools. But they need care. Straight Grain Supply offers the gear and accessories needed to keep your axe in top working order allowing you to have the best experience when putting your axe through the paces.

The people behind Straight Grain Supply cherish their axes and hatchets. They have spent years observing in what ways these intriguing tools age and wear. They have also thought deeply about what would make the experience of using an axe better and more satisfying.

It is based on these experiences that the brand's mission to create premium, American Made axe accessories and maintenance tools was forged. The project of improving the axe and hatchet experience is never over. We invite you to return to our website and social media to keep tabs on what new ideas and innovation we have next.

Thank you.

The Straight Grain Supply Team
Asheville, North Carolina, USA


Premium axe accessories & maintenance tools, proudly made in the USA.

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